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Hadrian's Wall near Tantallon House Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Tantallon House has a superb location in Gilsland on the edge of the Northumberland National Park and within sight of Hadrian's Wall. We are surrounded by beautiful scenery along the National Trail as well as many interesting historical sites.

'A peaceful and relaxed stay with a genuinely warm welcome. The location on Hadrian's Wall is stunning and we loved watching the abundent wildlife.' - J. Murphy, Los Gatos, California

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Sycamore Tree On Hadrian's Wall Castle Nick On Hadrian's Wall

Please click on any of the images below to see how the fantastic views of Hadrians's Wall

Hadrian's Wall National Heritage Site

This great wall which runs past Gilsland was built by order of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the year AD 122 as a barrier against the infiltration of barbarians from Scotland and as a base to launch attacks by his Roman armies. Spanning from Wallsend in the East of Northumberland to Solway Firth in the West of Cumbria, this magnificent wall ran for 73 miles. The engineers made use of every natural point of strength and at its highest it rises to 1230ft above sea level. This Roman frontier wall was the most remarkable achievement and chief monument of the Roman occupation of Britain.

Hadrian's Wall which is now an World Heritage Site, stood at nearly 5 meters in height and there were 17 large forts about 5 miles apart, at Chesters, Corbridge, Housesteads near Haltwhistle, Carvoran at Greenhead and Birdoswald at Gilsland to name but a few as well as numerous milecastles.

Walltown Crags On Hadrian's Wall Walltown Crags On Hadrian's Wall

The Hadrian's Wall National Trail at 84 miles long passes through some of the most beautiful parts of England. The trail provides access to some of the best sections of the Wall whilst using a rich variety of public paths. Cyclists may want a long distance tour or a short ride cycle along Sustrans Hadrian's Cycleway with well surfaced gravel cycle paths and quiet minor roads.

Lanercost Priory

This English Heritage site, standing next to Hadrian’s Wall, is a remarkably well-preserved 13th-century church with unique architecture and 16th-century wall paintings.

Walltown Crags

A natural rock formation developed by quarrying and incorporated into the Wall by Roman masons and engineers, Walltown Crags boasts panoramic views of Hadrian's Wall country. Nearby is the Roman Army Museum, on the unexcavated site of the Carvoran (Magna) fort, which contains examples of everyday Roman living.


The ‘Centre of Britain’ features 22 Haltwhistle Rings walks, historic parishes, and the junction of the Pennine Way and Hadrian's Wall trails. Haltwhistle is also the hub of a number of National Cycle Routes.

Birdoswald Roman Fort On Hadrian's Wall Birdoswald Roman Fort On Hadrian's Wall


Shown in the pictures above, this Roman fort comprises a turret and milecastle with wonderful views over the River Irthing. The visitor centre has a full-scale replica of a section of Hadrian's Wall and a historical exhibition.


Brampton grew up around the early Roman Garrison but was moved to make way for the local lords deer park. The relocated village thrived as a medieval market town and later became a temporary Headquarters for the Jacobite Rebellion led by Bonnie Prince Charlie. Today Brampton offers a range of local shops and amenities as befits its history, location, and size.

Photos by Roger Clegg.

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